Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday 27th September, 1836

Surprised to say that the expected storms and squalls from the direction of my wife's cabin did not eventuate.

I used my secret weapon and told my daughters how pretty it was and how good the shopping was in Rio de Janeiro. "Why, it's a paradise of shops, And I believe I can spare a little money for each of you," I said. Like lightening they sprang into action with Mrs Hindmarsh and within the hour she was reconciled to the idea.

She told me that I was "a saucy fellow" and that "it was only a whimsical notion" of hers to go to the Cape.

And it was with much relief that I was able to tell the ship's company that we were no longer heading for the Cape, but were stopping at Rio for provisions and time ashore.

Of course now everyone is complaining that by heading for the Cape before we turned for Rio we have lost time and will arrive in that port well after when we would have otherwise.

Damn them! They got what they wanted, I made sure of it and I still get a kick in the arse. Typical whining passengers. So much easier with the crew. You give and order and they do it. Passengers - you give an order and they'll argue you blue in the face,

On another note, my sister Anne seems to be spending rather a lot of time with the lower class passengers - particularly the single men. When I suggested that this might be seen as improper she told me not to be an old fuddy duddy and she was simply trying to keep their spirits up on the long voyage. Still....

And another thing - exactly how many barrels of that damned sauerkraut does the cook have in storage? Breakfast, lunch and dinner I get served the muck. I have let my displeasure be known.

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