Friday, 19 April 2013

Tuesday, 12 July 1836

The Voyage Out

At Court today to take my leave of His Majesty.

Ceremonies and obsequiousness, I am afraid.

Good King William is, I am afraid, "good" only in the sense that he isn't his damned pompous arse of a brother, the "late lamented" George IV. A tired, old dithering man who, I said at the time, looks like a man who would try and touch you for a shilling rather than a Sovereign.

King William IV

I thought this such a good joke that I repeated it several times during the day, each time to a look of disdain from Mrs Hindmarsh. She has, I am afraid, no sense of humour.

I must admit I spent most of my time at Court fascinated by the Queen's nose. What a hooter! If someone gave it to me turned upside down and full of farthings I wouldn't complain.
Queen Adelaide and her Nose

Duties done spent rest of day preparing for voyage. My wife, without my knowledge, has engaged a girl, Mary-Anne Murray, to act as servant and housekeeper for us on the voyage out. I shall have to trust in her judgement, although that has never been a successful plan in the past. We will see.

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